What is the MAC program?

MAC is a recreational summer camp program where the focus is having fun in a supportive and inclusive residential camp setting. MAC is run in partnership with Frost Valley YMCA, one of the nation’s largest residential summer camps.

Frost Valley YMCA and YAI are leaders in their fields and are able to bring together neuro-typical and developmentally disabled children and young adults in a way it does not happen anywhere else.

Campers in the MAC program are included in the larger camp population, while still maintaining a camaraderie and pride in their villages. Within the MAC villages, there is a ratio of 3:1 (camper: staff) maintained at all times. This allows for additional support with ADLs (activities of daily living), navigating social interactions, and flexibility for each individual’s specific needs. Most importantly, we see campers in the MAC program self-defining as a part of the larger camp community, developing pride in their experience.


What is meant by Mainstreaming?
Who is MAC a good fit for?
How will my child be ready to go to camp this summer?
What kind of contact can I expect to have while my child is at camp?
What happens if my child wants to go home?
How do you handle bullying at camp?
Where will my child sleep?
Is laundry done at camp?
What will my child eat?
Do the camps administer medication?
How will my child get to and from camp?


What makes it special? Our counselors.

The people who make the MAC experience so special are almost all people who fell in love with the Frost Valley YMCA as children. These former campers return year after year to help others enjoy the same magical experience.

Alice Dannenberg
Alice DannenbergSenior Supervisor
Alice joined the YAI community in June 2016. Originally from Atlanta, Alice spent a lot of time exploring the mountains in North Georgia. Her love of bonfires and mac n’ cheese stems from her years working at a summer camp in Georgia. Prior to joining the YAI team, Alice managed programs at Best Buddies New York, an organization promoting social inclusion for those with and without disabilities. She also oversees YAI Leisure Trax, a vacation program for adults. In her free time, Alice enjoys exploring New York on her bike and watching baseball. Alice is excited about the many adventures ahead at camp! 

Kat Leonard
Kat LeonardSupervisor
Kat started with YAI in 2016, she has worked at Frost Valley in various MAC counselor positions since 2011. Summer camp holds a special place in her heart and she enjoys sharing her love of camp with others. Kat graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Disabilities Studies and Cognitive Science. While at the University of Delaware Kat worked as a Life Skills Coach at the school’s Center for Disabilities Studies where she learned the importance of recreation in living a fulfilling life.  Kat is currently pursuing her MSW at Columbia School of Social Work.  She is happy to be able to pursue her degree while doing work she loves!

Tim Allan
Tim AllanOn-site MAC Director
Tim started working with the MAC program at Frost Valley in 2013 and has held various leadership positions within the program. Growing up in the Lower East Side of New York City and attending Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills every summer since he was seven has shown him the importance of outdoor recreation. Tim graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a B.A in Sociology with a Concentration in Human Services and a Minor in Disaster Psychology. During this time, he worked with an art therapist at a residential home, taught snowboarding lessons to people with disabilities at the Adaptive Sports Foundation, and travelled supporting YAI Leisure Trax, a vacation program for adults.  Tim loves basketball, bicycling, and everything the outdoors has to offer! He is proud to support a summer camp that enriches the quality of life for campers, families and staff!